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Global Water Distribution Report

We're here to present the Latest Global Water Distribution Report— a crucial topic that demands our immediate attention. 
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Freshwater, the lifeline of our existence, is becoming increasingly scarce on a global scale. 
Our infographic delves into the availability of water worldwide
On average, each person receives less than 1,000 cubic meters of water a year. 
This alarming fact emphasizes the urgency of the situation. 
Our exclusive report focuses on Water Withdrawals Per Capita, 
revealing how water is used for agriculture, industry, and municipalities.
We're grateful to organizations like 
National Geographic, Our world in data, United Nation, and United States Geological Survey for their valuable data.
It's our collective responsibility to conserve water, adopt sustainable practices, 
and ensure equitable access to clean water for all. 
Let's work together to safeguard this vital resource for generations to come.
Review details video report