CODE: M852  

Advanced Fuel Separators for Parking Lots, Airports, and Shopping Malls: Enhancing Environmental Sustainability

Our advanced fuel separators are tailored for parking lots, airports, and shopping malls, offering efficient removal of oil, grease, and hydrocarbons from runoff water. With innovative design and durable construction, our separators help enhance environmental sustainability by minimizing pollutants and protecting water quality in diverse urban environments.

Category: 6 > 13

      NA Manual & Auto

  CODE: M121A  

Manhole Cover Circle Shape for Highways Circle Shape

Another variant of the circular cover, the Manhole Cover Circle Shape for Highways offers versatility and durability for various road infrastructure applications.

Category: 2 > 1

   D400    75+3 Manual & Auto

  CODE: M400-110T  

Urban Drainage Redefined: Polymer Concrete Channels

Polymer Concrete Channels offering innovative solutions for urban challenges, these channels redefine urban drainage, providing safe and efficient water management solutions for modern cities.

Category: 4 > 6

   D400    33+2 Bolted Lock

  CODE: 15299.M900.0024  

Durable Metal Slot Drainage Systems for Ports: Load Class A15/F900

Ensure efficient water drainage and safety in port areas with our durable metal slot drainage systems. Designed to meet load class A15/F900 requirements, these systems offer reliable performance and long-term durability in marine environments, supporting the smooth operation of port facilities.

Category: 5 > 15

   F900    None

  CODE: MV100-150R  

Polymer Concrete Channels: Promoting Urban Ecology

Polymer Concrete Channels: Promoting Urban Ecology: Promoting urban ecology, polymer concrete channels facilitate the natural movement of water, support biodiversity, and contribute to the preservation of urban ecosystems.

Category: 4 > 6

   D400    49+4 Bolted Lock

  CODE: M1125  

Highways and Roads Manhole Covers: Ensuring Safety and Accessibility

Our manhole covers designed specifically for highways and roads prioritize safety, accessibility, and durability. Crafted from high-quality materials such as ductile iron or composite polymers, these covers offer robust protection for underground utilities while withstanding heavy traffic loads and harsh environmental conditions. Engineered to meet stringent safety standards, they feature anti-slip surfaces and secure locking mechanisms to prevent accidents and unauthorized access. Whether for maintenance or emergency purposes, our manhole covers provide reliable access points for utility workers and ensure uninterrupted traffic flow on highways and roads.

Category: 2 > 1

   D400    75 + 3 Manual

  CODE: G7665PM  

Greasly 7A Pump M - G7665PM

The Greasly 7A Pump M - G7665PM is a high-performance pumping solution designed for efficient grease and solid waste disposal in commercial and industrial settings. Engineered with precision and durability, this pump ensures seamless extraction and transfer of contaminants from grease separators to external tanks. With its robust construction and reliable operation, the Greasly 7A Pump M - G7665PM optimizes waste management processes, contributing to cleaner and safer environments.

Category: 6 > 16

   N/A    N/A None

  CODE: M200-200R  

Urban Water Management Revolution: Polymer Concrete Channels

Urban Water Management Revolution: Polymer Concrete Channels: Polymer concrete channels herald a revolution in urban water management, offering innovative solutions to address the challenges of urbanization and climate change.

Category: 4 > 6

   D400    43+3 Bolted Lock


Drainage Border Channel 1412 Solid 100cm Length Kerb

The 1412 Solid 100cm Length Kerb offers a durable and effective solution for controlling water runoff along road edges. Its solid construction enhances safety and road longevity by diverting surface water away from the road.

Category: 4 > 6

   D400    53.5+2 None

  CODE: M400-110A  

Superior Polymer Concrete Drainage Channels for Modern Cities

Providing essential infrastructure for resilient and sustainable cities, these superior channels offer unmatched performance and reliability in managing stormwater runoff and flood control.

Category: 4 > 6

   D400    31+2 Bolted Lock

  CODE: MK500G  

Metal Access Cover for Landscape Areas: Enhancing Outdoor Accessibility

Enhance the accessibility of your outdoor spaces with our Metal Access Cover designed specifically for landscape areas. Crafted with durability in mind, this cover ensures easy access while blending seamlessly with your outdoor environment, providing a practical solution for your landscaping needs.

Category: 5 > 9

   D400    Manual

  CODE: M300-200  

Transforming Urban Drainage with Polymer Concrete Channels

Optimizing water flow and infrastructure resilience, these advanced channels redefine urban drainage, mitigating flood risks and enhancing the overall functionality of urban environments.

Category: 4 > 6

   D400    58+3 Bolted Lock

  CODE: M370  

Preventive Drainage Solutions: Channel with Sludge and Solids Holder Accessory

Our drainage channel product with a sludge and solids holder accessory offers proactive protection against blockages. Engineered to effectively capture debris and prevent buildup, this innovative solution enhances the efficiency and longevity of drainage systems. Ideal for various environments, including residential, commercial, and industrial settings, our channel with sludge and solids holder accessory ensures continuous water flow and minimizes the risk of clogs and disruptions.

Category: 4 > 6

   D400    66 + 5 kg None

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