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Chemical Composition Analysis

Chemical content analysis are carried out with spectrometer in our factories.

Overall, chemical composition analysis is a crucial tool for ensuring the quality and safety of materials and products across a wide range of industries.

Chemical composition analysis is a process used to determine the types and amounts of elements present in a material or substance.

Quality Control Mert Dokum

Mechanical Testing

Tensile Test, Compression Test, Hardness Test

Tensile strength refers to the ability of a material to resist stretching or pulling forces. It is a measure of a material's ability to withstand these forces without breaking or deforming. It is usually expressed as the maximum amount of force a material can withstand before it breaks or undergoes permanent deformation.
Tensile strength is an important property for many materials used in engineering and construction. In these industries, materials are often subjected to various types of tensile stresses, such as those experienced by beams, columns, or cables under load.

Quality Control Mert Dokum

Macro & Micro Structure Investigations

Metallographic Examinations

Sample Cutting Unit

Sample Grinding Unit

Microstructure testing is a method of analyzing the structure and composition of materials at a microscopic level. It is used to evaluate the quality and properties of materials and to ensure they meet the required standards for specific applications.

Quality Control Mert Dokum

Dimensional Inspection

Weight Control
Measurement Check
Assembly Control
Functionality Check

Dimensional inspection is a critical process used to verify the accuracy and precision of the dimensions of a part or component. It is typically performed using a range of measuring tools and techniques, such as coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), laser scanners, and optical comparators.

Quality Control Mert Dokum

Sand Analysis

Humidity Control
Sieve Analysis
Spread Test Control
Gel and Peak Time Experiments
Determination of Active Clay
Combustion Loss
Gas Permeability
Wet Compression Strength
Age Shear Strength

Sand analysis is a process used to determine the composition and properties of sand, which can vary significantly depending on the source and location. The analysis typically involves a range of physical and chemical tests that can provide information about the grain size, shape, density, and chemical composition of the sand.

Quality Control Mert Dokum

Packing Quality Control

Visual Checks

Quantity Checks

Label Checks

Packing quality control is an essential process that ensures that products are properly packaged for safe and secure transportation to customers. It involves inspecting the packaging materials, verifying that they are in good condition, and ensuring that the correct packaging materials are used for each product.