BorderFlow offers innovative drainage solutions with its Border Channel, efficiently managing water flow along landscape borders. Engineered for durability and reliability, our channel system ensures optimal drainage performance, protecting your outdoor spaces from water damage and erosion.

Load Class: D400 Weight: 26+1


EdgeDrain provides a seamless solution for efficient drainage with its Border Channel. Designed for ease of installation and maximum water flow capacity, our channel system effectively directs water away from landscapes, safeguarding your property against water accumulation and landscape degradation.

Load Class: D400 Weight: 12.8+1


ChannelMaster delivers expert drainage solutions with its Border Channel, designed to meet the demanding needs of landscaping projects. Our channel system offers precision engineering and superior performance, ensuring effective water management and landscape preservation.

Load Class: D400 Weight: 28.7+1


AquaGuard Border Channel protects your landscapes with its robust drainage solution. Engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, our channel system efficiently directs water flow, preventing waterlogging and soil erosion, and maintaining the integrity of your outdoor environments.

Load Class: D400 Weight: 13.3+1


FlowEdge Border Drain ensures seamless water management with its high-performance Border Channel. With its innovative design and durable construction, our channel system effectively controls water flow along landscape borders, preserving the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor spaces.

Load Class: D400 Weight: 31.4 + 2


LandGuard Channel defends against water intrusion with its durable Border Channel system. Designed to withstand the elements, our channel system efficiently manages water flow along landscape borders, protecting your property from erosion and preserving landscape aesthetics.

Load Class: D400 Weight: 75.8 + 3


AquaRidge Border Channel offers advanced drainage solutions designed to enhance landscape drainage efficiency. With its innovative design and durable construction, our channel system effectively manages water flow along landscape borders, preventing water accumulation and soil erosion. Easy to install and built for long-lasting performance, AquaRidge ensures optimal landscape preservation and water management, making it the ideal choice for your outdoor drainage needs.

Load Class: D400 Weight: 98.6 + 3

  CODE: 1401  

The 1401 Perforated 100cm Length Kerb Drain is a versatile solution designed to efficiently collect surface water runoff from roadways. With its perforated design, it serves as both a kerb and a drainage channel, ensuring effective water management along roads.

Load Class: D400 Weight: 51.3 + 3

  CODE: 1412  

The 1412 Solid 100cm Length Kerb offers a durable and effective solution for controlling water runoff along road edges. Its solid construction enhances safety and road longevity by diverting surface water away from the road.

Load Class: D400 Weight: 53.5+2

  CODE: 1413  

Engineered for robustness, the 1413 Solid 50 cm Length Kerb is a reliable option for maintaining road edges and controlling water flow. Its solid design prevents erosion and enhances overall road safety.

Load Class: D400 Weight: 27+2

  CODE: 1414  

The 1414 Solid 25 cm Length Kerb provides a space-efficient solution for managing water runoff along road edges. Its durable construction contributes to road safety and infrastructure durability.

Load Class: D400 Weight: 13.5+2

  CODE: 1404  

Designed to manage elevation changes and water flow along roads, the 1404 Solid Lowering Kerb ensures smooth transitions and efficient drainage, making it an essential component for road infrastructure.

Load Class: D400 Weight: 39+2

  CODE: 1405  

With its solid construction, the 1405 Solid Lowering Kerb effectively manages elevation changes and water flow along roads, promoting efficient drainage and safe road conditions.

Load Class: D400 Weight: 33+2

  CODE: 1406  

The 1406 Solid Raised Kerb provides elevation control and edge definition for roadways, enhancing both road safety and aesthetics with its durable and reliable design.

Load Class: D400 Weight: 39+2

  CODE: 1407  

Offering elevation control and edge definition, the 1407 Solid Raised Kerb is designed to enhance road safety and aesthetics while effectively managing water flow along roadways.

Load Class: D400 Weight: 33+2

  CODE: 3201  

Specifically crafted for pedestrian crosswalks, the 3201 Perforated 100cm Length Pedestrian Crosswalk Kerb efficiently manages surface water runoff while ensuring safe pathways for pedestrians.

Load Class: D400 Weight: 34+2

  CODE: 4100  

The 4100 Manhole serves as an essential access point for drainage systems, providing secure and convenient access for maintenance and inspection purposes in various urban settings.

Load Class: D400 Weight: 28.4+2

  CODE: 4300  

The 4300 Manhole stands as a crucial fixture in urban infrastructure, offering secure access to vital maintenance and inspection points within drainage systems. Its robust design ensures reliability and ease of access for maintenance personnel.

Load Class: D400 Weight: 23+2

  CODE: 4300  

With the 4300 Manhole, accessing drainage systems becomes streamlined and secure. This essential component provides maintenance crews with safe entry points for inspections and upkeep, contributing to efficient urban infrastructure management.

Load Class: D400 Weight: 47.3 + 1