CODE: M662  

Gullies Beacon: Guiding the Way in Drainage

Illuminate your path to successful drainage projects with Gullies Beacon, guiding the way with innovative solutions and industry-leading expertise.

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      13+3 None

  CODE: 1401  

Drainage Border Channel 1401 Perforated 100cm Length Kerb Drain

The 1401 Perforated 100cm Length Kerb Drain is a versatile solution designed to efficiently collect surface water runoff from roadways. With its perforated design, it serves as both a kerb and a drainage channel, ensuring effective water management along roads.

Category: 4 > 6

   D400    51.3 + 3 None

  CODE: M136A  

Linear Gratings for Urban Resilience

Foster urban resilience with our Linear Gratings, constructed from GGG 50 material and finished with Bitumen Paint for added durability.

Category: 7 >

   C250    19+2 None

  CODE: M607  

Gullies Nexus: Connecting Drainage Solutions

Bridge the gap between different drainage solutions with Gullies Nexus, offering seamless integration and connectivity to create a cohesive and efficient drainage network.

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      8+1 None

  CODE: M1173  

Telecom Manhole Cover EPDM Rubber

Crafted with EPDM Rubber, our Telecom Manhole Cover ensures durability and reliability in telecommunications infrastructure.

Category: 2 > 3

      125+3 Manual

  CODE: M370  

Preventive Drainage Solutions: Channel with Sludge and Solids Holder Accessory

Our drainage channel product with a sludge and solids holder accessory offers proactive protection against blockages. Engineered to effectively capture debris and prevent buildup, this innovative solution enhances the efficiency and longevity of drainage systems. Ideal for various environments, including residential, commercial, and industrial settings, our channel with sludge and solids holder accessory ensures continuous water flow and minimizes the risk of clogs and disruptions.

Category: 4 > 6

   D400    66 + 5 kg None

  CODE: M150-100  

Drainage Channel Airport-Port Polymer Concrete Cover

Specifically engineered for airport and port environments, this polymer concrete cover measures 150 mm x 1000 mm x 100 mm. Its robust construction guarantees longevity and security for critical infrastructure components.

Category: 4 > 7

   E600    31+2 Bolted Lock

  CODE: M623  

Gullies Dynamics: Dynamic Drainage Solutions

Experience dynamic solutions for evolving drainage needs with Gullies Dynamics, providing flexibility and adaptability for any environment.

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      8+1 None

  CODE: M100-95  

Drainage Channel City Infrastructure Polymer Concrete Cover

This cover, designed for city infrastructure applications, features dimensions of 120 mm x 1000 mm x 109 mm. Crafted from durable polymer concrete, it ensures reliable protection for underground utilities and drainage systems.

Category: 4 > 5

   A15 - B125    7+1 Manual & Auto

  CODE: MYA.OP1.0300  

Green Oil Separators: Sustainable Solutions for Eco-Conscious Businesses

Embrace sustainability in your business operations with our green oil separators, engineered to efficiently remove grease and oil while minimizing environmental impact. Promote eco-friendly practices and maintain clean drainage systems with our sustainable oil separation solutions.

Category: 6 > 12

      NA Manual & Auto

  CODE: M300-150  

Polymer Concrete Channels: Empowering Sustainable Urban Living

Empowering sustainable urban living with efficient water management, these channels empower cities to adopt sustainable practices in water management, promoting environmental stewardship and infrastructure resilience.

Category: 4 > 6

   D400    33+3 Bolted Lock

  CODE: M200  

City Infrastructure Drainage Channel: A Comprehensive Overview

Explore our City Infrastructure Drainage Channel designed to meet the demands of urban environments. With its robust construction and efficient design, this channel ensures effective water management in cities, preventing waterlogging and enhancing overall infrastructure resilience.

Category: 4 > 6

   D400    Manual

  CODE: 15299.M900.0022  

Heavy-Duty Metal Slot Drainage Systems for Airports: Load Class A15/F900

Our metal slot drainage systems are engineered to withstand the rigorous demands of airports, featuring a robust design and load class A15/F900 rating. With superior durability and high load-bearing capacity, these drainage systems ensure efficient water management and safety in airport environments.

Category: 5 > 15

   F900    NA None

  CODE: M172  

Telecom Manhole Cover: Ensuring Secure Access to Underground Infrastructure

The telecom manhole cover is a critical component designed to provide secure access to underground telecommunication infrastructure. Crafted from durable materials like cast iron or composite materials, these covers are engineered to withstand heavy loads, ensuring the safety of pedestrians and vehicles passing over them. Featuring reinforced designs and locking mechanisms, telecom manhole covers prevent unauthorized access to sensitive telecom equipment and cables while facilitating easy maintenance and repairs when necessary. These covers come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different types of telecom installations, making them essential for maintaining the integrity and functionality of telecommunications networks in urban environments.

Category: 2 > 3

   D400    80+3 Manual

  CODE: M400-110A  

Superior Polymer Concrete Drainage Channels for Modern Cities

Providing essential infrastructure for resilient and sustainable cities, these superior channels offer unmatched performance and reliability in managing stormwater runoff and flood control.

Category: 4 > 6

   D400    31+2 Bolted Lock

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